A Platform (proposed) for Community Education Promotion and its Institutions in India

  1. Opportunity for all to Promote Education for Shia Ithanashari community in India, to collaborate, share best practices, reach donors , build donor confidence of process validation and avoid duplication through this idea of common Website which promotes a single Portal and Platform as an interactive Collaborative tool.  Introductory film WIN


Reach Out to Deserving Students via Facilitator network.. ,Receive Applications in Forms filled easily using smart phone …, Verify Eligibility …,Make Appeals  to donors, Collect Funds  , Pay direct to Educational Institute a/c….& Report to Donor.Using Databases with Automation & social media.

Facilitate academic & vocational education for all Shia Ithanashari  children up to their potential.

Execute without compromise on Islamic Principles and not losing sight that the ultimate objective is to return the soul to its Creator in the best form, having complied with HIS laws and responsibilities on each of us ..And after giving the ‘Ajr’ Risalat’ (Quran 42:23) i.e. at all times promoting the love of and teachings of HIS chosen Ahlulbayt (as)

  1. Shia children in India should not be deprived of academic and/or vocational education due their inability to pay fees.
  2. All Shia children, who are not academically inclined, must take up some vocational training in order to seek livelihood opportunities.
  3. Disseminate information, to all Indian Shia households (with established networks) about schools / colleges, available scholarships and career guidance
  4. Offer loans and necessary financial assistance, to all Shia youth studens who have the potential to excel but are unable to afford fees for higher studies
  5. Priority assistance to Orphans, Disabled, Sadaat and Girl child
  • Education Promotion Trust ( Al Imaan )
  • Khoja Shia Ithanashari Jamat
  • Khoja Shia Ithanashari Medical
  • WIN Educational Trust (media partner)
  • Students Welfare Trust
  • Progressive Education and Welfare Trust
  • Jaffery Welfare trust

Short Films by WIN TV for Education promotion :    Nana Mazdoor    |   Hausla Women education   |  Tarbiyat