Career Guidance

Career guidance is very important and all to collaborate to make this available across diff places incl as done by win urdu program . Web broadcast facility could be used ..Professionals willing to give time can be identified to participate in sessions It may be better to teach skills/ trades ( Technician Repairing Welding etc) rather than usual Bcom & BA degrees Expert Dr S M Raza – Expert Dr. Ali Akber Ghabrani c/o Dr.Matcheswala –  Mobile: 9821110603 10 am to 6pm – WIN Programs list on Career Guidance Kamyabi Ke Raste by S M Raza by WIN Programs list on Career Guidance by Ali Ghabrani – Youth Happy minds Aptitude test proposal & its Sample report Imamia Welfare & Cultural Org Delhi reg – 9810061328 Progressive academy Lucknow –  856001786