How to fill the Applicant Form

Guidelines to fill Epi Applicant form

The form is to be filled in English and will permit Urdu and Hindi in future.

The main mandatory field is marked with asterix* Full name and correct mobile number to contact is mandatory.

Form can be filled by student or parent /guardian or any person on their behalf.

In case the person filling the form is not the Applicant or guardian then please enter the name and number in the remarks at end of form

The mobile number entered of the student is an important field and organization will contact the Applicant on this number
This is also the number based on which the form can be accessed in future by Applicant .

The form has following Sections
-Student details
-Parent Guardian details
-Student education history
-Student education funding request
-Recommendation person details
-Attachments ie photo marksheet
-General remarks

In case some details are not available the same can be left blank
The form can also be saved and changed or updated later by using the student phone number
Only upon completion of all sections correctly the form will be saved and submitted.

In case you need help to fill the form please contact +91 98078 11612