Concept & Process of Central Platform / Site Automation

      • Reach out to deserving students through Facilitators; Al Imaan / EPI collectively has database of Masjid Madresa and imambargah in India including Tanzeem makatib Lucknow has 1000 locations who can be facilitators.
      • Messages to be sent to Facilitators by EPI / Channel WIN ,to inform deserving students to apply for aid if they cannot pay fees .
      • These opinion makers, madressa teachers , masjids then inform community and youth, i.e. reach out in various ways notices, message, in majalis etc.
      • Most financial support for education is *reactive* in nature, i.e. when somebody approaches the institution. EPI to consider a *proactive* process of identification of talent. EPI can have a process /criteria for all authorised to log that talent identified with a central place for making appeals & seeking resources to nurture it.
      • Student becomes aware from this ‘Reach out ‘ through facilitators and downloads form (Forms link) and fills in application online and/or uploads form which includes a verification of local reference ‘verfier’ .The .Local reference verifier can also be selected from the list onsite
      • Verifier provides reference on line or on uploaded form confidentially
      • Verified Form is seen by validator (depending on parameters especially of location ) who scrutinizes checks eligibility and calls local verifier person and/or applicant if necessary & validates genuineness eligibility
      • Validator Approved form is seen by EPI approving body who issues approval to Admin to execute transaction with the amount approved
      • If Funds are insufficient EPI periodically makes appeal (Appeal Format)to donors clubbing Applications
      • EPI ( using any member org a/c) pays to schools bank account and informs applicant
      • EPI regularly electronically ( even via whats app) collects exam results before next payment
      • DONOR database : EPI BUILDS individuals and institutions donor database from members
      • EPI has specialist & CREATES Marketing material ( esp images for whats app circulation) and reaches out periodically to Donors
      • Donor pays to designated bank a./c of member institution & EPI receives funds in bank
      • EPI pays school college fees electronically directly to school /institution bank a/c ( database maintained )
      • EPI reports regularly to donor with evidence on fees paid if required on allocated applicant basis
      • Databases :Donors ,Applicants, Schools, Facilitator /Religious institutions, Verifiers , Validators

Process Map

Marketing & Volunteer

MARKETING NEEDS /Appeals Websites/Social media /Transparency & Good Reporting to donors

There is a requirement to MARKET the need and credibility of institution/Process. Modern social media tools /whats app reach ,with images have to be used to make appeals Use this image

EPI invites young persons or an agency to make and market appeals.
Samples of sites & marketing by other organisations at &

EPI has the reach of as partner in team to reach the Appeal Films /Education importance films, creatively made to ALL over India /world
Small but many donors as important to reach rather than only few big donors as per example. More Resources can be raised with good social media marketing and transparency in reporting .Mobile apps by WF & LFT can be seen donate with one click

Good Reporting & giving online access to info about specific children sponsored helps
Success Stories Since some of these activities are continuing for decades , EPI can provide data consolidated or otherwise to create a Marketing tool depicting today’s successful professionals supported by various trusts

If you can become a facilitator to reach applicants or donors pl enlist thru email

Volunteering/ Collaborating /Teams /Young People

Encourage Volunteering:- People join forces if welcomed with open arms and shown how much good work is being undertaken. The community has fostered professionals and they are all out there waiting for a call. Empowered Young Teams can run the process under auspices of Reputed Organisations can bring results.

If you have skills to offer please email us