Confirmation by a Verifier ( Alim /trusted prominent community member in the location ) ,that Applicant is A practicing Shia Ithnaasheri momin /Jafari & deserving Aid 

School Fees

  Household Income < INR 10,000 per month

  Maximum fees Aid per year/student . INR 10,000  ( % .. )

   Students Age : Minimum 5 years & Maximum 18 years

School is Accredited /Approved and of reasonable standards & single gender preference

Household Income < INR 10,000 per month     |  (     % of Income to be spent on education      |   No of dependants )

Age : Min   5     Max 18 years

Previous class minimum marks 40%

Other Aid eligibility  : Uniform, Books ,Transport ,....

Post Schooling : /Higher Studies

Min fees....          Max fees    .....          % max of Total Fees

Household Income < INR XXX per month

% of Income to be spent on education

Islamic Orientation

Minimum Marks %

Age  Min Max

Evaluation of Professional Course & Institute.

  • Ranking of Institute based on - Ownership is Private or Government; Faculty; Infrastructure; Placement History and reputation in job market)
  • Admission through accredited Common Entrance / Selection test or by payment of Capitation Fee.

Priority will be given to ;Orphans , Disabled , Sadaat & Girl child

Payment will be made directly to Institution Bank a/c unless specific deviation sought for valid reasons

Each Institution may have its own criteria & above Criteria is only a broad guideline &  be changed