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Higher education & Identification of Talent is priority too .Though amount required is higher per case ,it can help change cycle of poverty and the amount can be a loan & be returned upon qualifying. EPI attempts to create a Process to receive the application , verify & circulate to donors for funding . In case funding is secured the donor will be contacted

1)Servants of Imam Ali (as) Education Fund* ( See PDF of Concept /Need) working with EPI provides flexible, interest free education loans on a best effort basis to deserving cases for Post Graduation courses only. In case you are one or can identify those students who are academically bright & are unable to study further ,due to Financial constraints. Presently coaching classes fees to prepare for medical, engg, civil services, or MBA etc is not supported

Please Fill this SIA Form  & contact by email & email id :  A volunteer will get in touch with them to see how best their needs can be met. Use form here

2) Lady Fatimah Trust click here

An Appeal may be circulated in this format to potential donors once the case is approved

Scholarships  available  More  Journalism Media (open -write email )  Waqf Law ( open -write email)


The exponentially growing use of internet n mobiles  has made it possible to reach education options to all at low or no costs .Physical presence and buildings are no longer constraints
Awareness and enablers to be explored.Most universities now offer online courses at low costs ,which can benefit many if aware & supported Present practical possibilities can be researched keeping community situation in view

See for india Govt website to be studied & students guided esp in remote areas
Khan academy & many online open universities  are examplesMany universities are online a simple search will show many options to study almost anything



I volunteer for Lady Fatimah Trust, UK and have been associated with them for past little over 15 years now. We have served in many areas including Housing projects, education, Medical & Healthcare, Micro finance etc; but lately with the sad demise of the Founder Trustee and to bring focus to build the next generation, we have been concentrating all our energies on Education in India. Though, education is a very loosely used term and anyone going to school and trust providing assistance to them call “support for education”, we have slightly differentiated the same in in our Policy for LFT in India.  Therefore, we have created some bare minimum eligibility criteria to provide support, which is yielding a high quality result.


Whom we can consider for providing support

1.       It is a merit cum means support. We will support only those kids who have scored minimum 70% marks in their last academic  

2.       We can look at applicant who have done very well in past but because of certain family conditions have slipped in one or two exams, but have the potential

3.       We can look at providing assistance for Coaching Instt Fees for Medical/Engineering / Chartered Accountants / UPSC / State Civil Services, provided their academic results denote their potential

4.       Any other case-case basis


Whom we can not consider for providing support

1.       People coming from a healthy background but lack fund to get a foreign degree

2.       Applicant wants to study through capitation / donation fees in professional / technical courses


What we require as document

1.       Two Forms (as attached) to be filled in form 1    form 2

2.       Last 3 Academic results, showing consistency of achievements

3.       Background (including financial) of the family, mentioning why She/He deserves attention to be supported (followed by a call to assess the same)

4.       Institute/College Identity Card

5.       Demand letter from the college / Institute on their letter head, duly signed and stamped, mentioning their Account Number

6.       Full Size Photograph

7.       Aadhar Card


Fund will be sent directly to College/Schools/Institute and NOT (under any circumstances) to individual account. We do not consider reimbursement, in case if fees is paid by taking personal/professional loans


Syed Jafar Naqvi