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It is proposed to have a common platform for all matters related to Education of community children in India .Please review the website in detail

The objectives of this effort are described here .  & the eligibility to apply  is based on a  predetermined criteria

Note.The effort is presently directed to ‘Shia Ithnasheri’ followers , due to the inability of these momineen to be informed & get aid elsewhere ,associated organisations rules & use of Islamic Funds restrictions . However it is expected that this will be enlarged to all students in the future. 

It is required  that all students requiring aid , apply online  using the relevant form which has to be verified by a ‘Verifier’  ie  a Local representative  ..Alim , Teacher Doctor or a Prominent personality who knows the Applicant family. Format here

Please request your student to give you the application number & verify the data in form online & offer comments which will help in assessing the case

Please note that he verification report will be kept confidential & not shared with the Applicant  .

Once the Verification is completed online , the Form will be taken up for validation & allocation of resources by the system

All verified forms may not become automatically eligible for Aid as the final internal approval & fees payment is subject to other matter

Your data will be confidential & not shared across organisations or in Public but may be shared with donors


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